Night & Day

by Unpainted Prospects

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released June 29, 2017




Unpainted Prospects Melbourne, Australia

Unpainted Prospects are intimate alt-folk storytellers, weaving keenly observed tales from the personal to the political.

Loosely formed in 2015, the act is the latest vehicle for singer/songwriter Matthew Daniel.


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Track Name: Boxing Day's Ails
Well Christmas was Christmas once again
And we fell on the couch the next morning
And I don’t know when I started listening
To the speech that the queen was making
I was ready to hate every word of it,
'Cause I’m not really into that royal shit
But des-pite myself I got drawn into it

And I found myself
Hanging on every word
Yeah I found myself
Respecting her
Not for being a queen
But for wearing a crown

So we dozed and we grazed on leftovers
Then I lifted the news from the neighbours
Though I'm not so much of a god-botherer
What I read nearly turned me towards her
'Cause the man who was dressed like a Christmas Tree
Was the only one made any sense to me
Now I'm scratching my head at the mystery

And I found myself
Thinking the world's gone mad
'Cause I find myself
Feeling that I'm so glad
That he's given us hope
Despite the weight of his gown
Yeah he's given us hope
When I thought none could be found

It was easier to buy books than read 'em
Now it's quicker to share thoughts than think 'em
And it's simpler to herd folks than teach 'em
That there's more than a click in an action
'Cause boats are for stopping not rocking now
So let's all fill our cups and let's gather 'round
And we'll go with the flow till the flood comes down

And I find myself
Thinking that I could do more
Than to wait for a fairy tale
To tell me what I should fight for
Track Name: Weak Nuclear Force
Like my heart the city's drained of all its cars
In the early morning hours of a long weekend
Like time, your kisses are in short supply,
And the look that’s in your eye says “when’s this gonna end?” Like a cliché that’s waiting for it’s time to come,
When it’s no longer one, it’s just true
Oh that’s how I’m waiting for the day
When I’ll (love you)

The same thing that pull us close
Can push us apart
Like what keeps our bills and art
From the kitchen floor
Which reminds me of other laws by which we’re bound
That make more sense now than the first time round
Oh, and gravity loves all and from a distance
But to feel the strongest force you’ve gotta get close
It’s a thing, they’ve got it on TV
Let me show you

And the world gets bigger every day
Since I've known you
Track Name: Night & Day
Grab your things, we’re leaving
Pulling up our traps as we go
No need anymore
A whole life on the coast
Now we take to the ocean
Bust our boat from its cave
Never felt so alive

It takes night and day to get 'round the other side

I’ve never seen my mum swim like this before
The water’s shallow here
But it’s deep enough to drown
Furthest out I’ve ever been
It’s starting to scare me
She’s back on deck now
Grabs the freewheeling helm

It takes night and day to get ‘round the other side

Out on the deck at night
It’s warm and windless
I can’t see into the water
But I know something’s there
Beasts are tearing beasts apart
And beasts are breeding
Oh I know it’s dark
But it’s deep enough to dive

When the sun rises
And we thread between the heads
I know I’ll finally meet someone
As young as me
And if I get stolen away from my family
I will find a new way to scream
Track Name: Old River, Tall Mountain
Old, old river
Old as me
I can see it
In the way the wind
Folds wrinkles on your skin
But your breath still flows
Through your shadowed shallows
And beyond your falls

Tall, tall mountain
Tallest trees
Touch the heavens
If I climbed you once
Would you say that was enough?
Would I start to fly?
Held up by starlight
I slip between the skies

Old, old river
I, I am sitting
I, I am listening
I, I am listening